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Organic virgin coconut oil

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One of the best coconut oils on the market, our virgin coconut oil is a great body oil as it soothes and calms your skin instantly. Because of its lovely aroma there is no need to add any essential oils. Our coconut oil is certified organic by EcoCert (DE-ÖKO-037) by our supplier.
This type of coconut oil is expeller expressed which means it is cold pressed (involving no heat) according to the DME system (further information here: www.kokonutpacific.com.au) to preserve all its goodness, not bleached, not deodorised, not refined, not hydrogenated and it does not contain any genetically modified ingredients nor has it been harvested from GMO trees. You can't buy better than this!

  • can be used as pre wash hair conditioner
  • organic and fair trade
  • may be used as a deodorant - has anti bacterial properties
  • lovely aroma
  • anti inflammatory qualities soothe skin instantly - ideal use as after sun lotion
  • sinks quickly into skin - melts on contact with skin
  • a little goes a long way
  • use all over body and hands or on your face (for normal to mixed skin)
  • extremely versatile raw product
  • anti microbial and natural anti biotic qualities
  • contains high amounts of lauric acid (similar to human breast milk) and Vitamin E

Please note that at room temperature the oil is semi-solid and we now sell it in a PET jar for the 200ml and 1000 ml size (aluminium jar for the 100ml) that is recyclable. This oil melts at 24.4 degrees centigrade (76 degrees Fahrenheit). Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This is a natural raw product. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash out immediately with warm water if product gets in contact with eyes. Consult your doctor if eyes redden or blurred vision occurs.
Ingredients: Cocos nucifera.
Net volume: 100 ml.

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