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Shea Oil

Shea Oil

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Shea oil is extracted when the shea nuts are processed to make shea butter the traditional way. Our refined shea butter oil has the exact same benefits as shea butter but is more suitable in facial and body moisturising products as well as around the eye. Shea oil spreads more easily than solid shea butter and may therefore be preferable for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Pure shea (butter) oil is a rich and emollient moisturizer that is beneficial for very dry and baby skin. A versatile oil that can be used as a cleanser, face and body oil, massage oil and as a carrier oil for your essential oil blends. High in vitamins A, E and F and Keratin, Allantoin, Stearic and Oleic and non saponifiable fatty acids and said to have some kind of sun protection factor, it leaves your skin supple and well cared for.

Net volume: 100 ml.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea nut) oil.

  • Dry Skin - it helps prevent chapping, chafing, rashes. May help with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis. excellent for skin cracks, and tough or rough skin (especially feet and elbows).
  • Wrinkles - may help aging soft skin tissue to firm up. Rejuvenates skin cells and cleans pores. Can be used on all skin types.
  • Helpful for minor skin irritations including: allergies, insect bites, frost bites, sun burns, burns, and small skin wounds
  • Apply to hair and scalp to add moisture to dry, brittle hair; to prevent weak hair from breaking, fading or thinning out; to prevent dandruff; and revitalize split ends. Shea butter oil can protect hair from the damaging rays of the sun, hair dryers, perms and dyes. Does not clog pores and block hair shafts. Use it as a conditioning agent to maintain hair's natural shine and improve manageability. Apply before swimming to protect hair against chlorine and sea salt.
  • Shea butter oil is deeply penetrating and heating to soothe painful joints and aching muscles.
  • For infants or people with highly sensitive skin, shea butter oil is a natural alternative. The chemical composition of shea butter is close to vernix, the substance found on newborns at birth.
  • Excellent for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks and other kinds of scar tissue. It is also good for the healing of the sore and cracked nipples of nursing mothers.
  • Shea butter oil is a great product for elderly and invalids for use to prevent bed sores and to ensure continued suppleness and moisture of their skin.
  • Shea oil is perfect for skin nourishment - it has the best "slide" and consistency for massage therapy.

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