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Vegan skincare organic butters oils balms toothpaste | Cebra ethical skincare

Hello and welcome to my ethical skincare shop, Cebra.

My name is Sabine.

I am 62 years old this year and I want to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to make my own skincare.

I have always suffered terribly from acne and very oily skin for as long as I can think. As a teenager I took antibiotics, the pill and countless other medication to combat my outbreaks. I went to see a beautician every week for 10 years and I tried all sorts of over the counter topical face washes, lotions and potions. Some helped for a while, some didn't help at all and made my skin red, irritated, flaky and even worse.

I persevered with trying to find the solution for 29 years by which time I was 43 and disillusioned. By that time I had read a lot about plant oils, butters and how they are farmed and manufactured. I read about indigenous tribes and their lifestyle and looking at pictures and videos I thought they always had fabulous skin. And then I had a thought: what if the way we in the industrialized world do it all wrong? What if we just started to use pure oils and butters that are farmed without the use of pesticides and manufactured with care? Without the use of extraction chemicals? So that all the beneficial properties of the plants stay intact?

And what if I could find emulsifiers that combine those oils and butters with the purest water and the most reliable, natural preservative system there is? Because it isn't okay to make a lotion or a cream and not preserve it properly - it would cause havoc with your skin and let's face it: who stores their lotions and face creams in the fridge (religiously) and uses them within 1 week of opening?

So, that is how it all started. I researched until I found the best suppliers of oils and butters and everything that makes a simple, safe and working cream or lotion. The creams and lotions I made didn't start to work over night. It took time. 12 months to be precise, until my skin had properly regenerated itself.

And now I also sell individual oils and butters for the purists among you. Because I know from experience that these oils and butters work fantastically well by themselves, each having properties that Mother Nature gives us in order to help ourselves. Simple.

These days my skin is pretty much free from pimples. It isn't perfect but it is, I am excited to say, smooth and almost wrinkle free. Without botox, chemical peels or expensive chemical fillers (yuk).

One more thing: I try and avoid too much sun exposure. But there are oils that have a naturally high SPF factor. Happy customer reviews will tell you which oils these are...

Have fun browsing my shop and if you need any assistance or advise about any of my products, feel free and drop me a line.

With my very best wishes