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Calm Me Down Shea Mango Butter

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The "Calm Me Down" skin irritation cream has been specifically formulated for people with extremely sensitive skin that is prone to itching, redness and dryness.

The Soothing Mango Shea Butter Cream contains lavender, chamomile and geranium essential oils that support the skin in its healing process. Both our shea and mango butter are completely natural products that have been extracted without the use of chemicals. Our shea butter in particular is unrefined which means all its healing qualities have been left intact.

The Calm Me Down Mango Soothing Shea Butter has been very lightly whipped. If the cream hardens due to lower temperatures then all you need to do is leave it in a warm place to soften it up. The cream can be scooped out with a spoon and it will melt straight away on contact with skin.

Ideal for hairdressers, gardeners and people who suffer from extremely dry skin due to over exposure to water and chemicals. May also benefit eczema and dermatitis sufferers as the shea and mango butter sink in quickly without layering skin and preventing it from breathing.

Use: apply a hazelnut size amount to affected areas and smooth in.

  • for extremely sensitive skin that needs extra support
  • can be used on face, body and hands
  • contains only natural, unrefined African butters and soothing essential oils
  • easily recyclable packaging make this an allround ethical product
  • not tested on animals and contains no preservatives, sulfates, parabens, DEAs and TEAs

Ingredients: Fairtrade organic unrefined shea butter, mango butter, organic virgin cocoa butter, shea oil, lavender, chamomile and geranium essential oils (essential oil constituents of geraniol, linalool, limonene, citronellol, geraniol, citral).

Net volume: 100 ml.

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